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A Makerspace Extravaganza : Ian and Leo’s camp

Intermediate • Ages 8 to 12

July 22 to 26 (5 afternoons)

1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

$310 + GST

For this camp Ian and Leo drew inspiration from the concept of makerspaces, but we can hear the chorus now: “what are makerspaces?” They’re something quite revolutionary actually. A makerspace is a room (be that in a library, a school, or a warehouse) containing an array of tools and components that allow people to ‘enter with an idea and leave with a complete project’. The essence of these spaces are collaborative and community building, whilst allowing us to explore, create and improve things that already exist. You can see why this dynamic brother team chose this path to follow.  


We’ll start each class with the stories of inventors through history before setting the day’s challenge. One will focus one day on wood, one on metal, the next on recyclables from blue boxes before moving on to something altogether more complex. The group will spend an afternoon taking apart and dissecting cast off appliances (of course complete with safety precautions), before creating something new with them. Students are invited to bring in any unused and unwanted items for a new lease of life, or rummage excitedly through the Lyceum’s stores. This week there are no rules, only the limits of imagination! During the 45 minutes of the last day we will invite parents to view and hear about our inventions. 

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