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Our Students' Words

Our Students' Words

In light of our move, we have been talking to our students about what makes the Lyceum the Lyceum. Young writers from each class have shared their answers to the question "What makes the Lyceum such an incomparably special place?"

"The Lyceum is a warm attic of memorabilia from stories past."

Patrick, age 14

"The Lyceum is a ubiquitous mother that blesses minds and sows the seeds of growth within them."

Patrick, age 14

"The Lyceum is a place where everyone can find what they need to do their best work."

Ben, age 12

"The Lyceum is a place where I socialize with my younger past."

Zach, age 13

"The Lyceum is a place of creativity, letting your brain flow with imagination whether it would be writing or art."

Joannah,  age 12

"The Lyceum is the solitary cabin in the middle of the storm, illuminated by lamplight and a rough stone hearth, serving hot, hearty soup to the weary travellers on foot. The Lyceum is the place where travellers collect; they bond together here to form a community."

Patrick, age 14

"The Lyceum is the golden elixir which soothes inner turmoil."

Patrick, age 14

"A writing community where no ideas are wrong."

Ben, age 12

"The Lyceum is us."

Zach, age 13

"The Lyceum is a dense neutron star in a calm pocket of the universe, pulling objects in with an entrancing light. It emanates the feeling of home, of nourishment, surrounded by souls in orbit who bask in its glow."

Patrick, age 14

"A place to just sit down and write, where your ideas have no barricades."

Ben, age 12

"The Lyceum is a place where there is no filter at the front door. It isn’t a normal place, you don’t get sent home if you were different. Everyone is welcome."

Zach, age 13

"The Lyceum is one of the few places in this world you would call home."

Joannah,  age 12

Feedback From Our Community

Feedback from Our Community 

"We bring our kids in for the preschool programs at the Lyceum, and cannot say enough great things about this place! Christianne, Kelly, and Shigeko are such an amazing team, and we have seen our kids flourish here!"

Andy Li - Parent of a child in the 3-5 Preschool Class and a child in the 2-Year Class (2024)

"I just wanted to pass on how thrilled we are with the book club so far. Both my daughter and son have loved their experiences. Callum is in the reading rascals and since meeting the author on Saturday has talked about book club every day. He shared with his class that he met an author and then his teacher helped him and the class write their own books yesterday. This morning he was so excited to share his book with his class, that he got to present it at their circle time. This is a HUGE leap for Callum. 

Thank you for providing such a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment to foster such excitement for learning. We look forward to the next book club meeting!"

Christiane Stables - A parent of Reading Rascal bookclub (Grade 1 & 2) Feb. 2024

"Our family has benefited so much from the wisdom and encouragement that Christianne shared with us while our son attended preschool at the Lyceum. We are forever grateful to her. We sincerely hope that the Lyceum will be around for the children and families in our community for many years to come."

Whitney Lewis - A parent of preschooler

"Although we are new to Lyceum, but we could feel the passion and feeling from the people who work there. We need this spirit, hope more and more kids could benefit from such a nice community."

Wang Li

"This is an amazing place for all ages. It promotes creativity ad imagination as well as critical Thinking. Christianne and her staff are caring and creative people who run great programs. Thanks to all of you for making this such a wonderful place to be."

Joan Canil

"We can't believe the community of Vancouver West Side lost Lyceum. My three boys have been following Christianne for 6 years. This is a great place for kids to being soaked in a creative, gentle, vivid and fair surroundings. We need this place, the place without judging, discrimination and labeling, the place with love and kindness, the place offering the beauty and strength of the language. This is the most open place we family ever met in Vancouver - we pray for her! ."

Fanyi and three boys: Patrick, Eamon & Sammy

(This message was written before opening our door in new location in 2023.)

"My son greatly enjoyed the programs he participated in several years ago. The Lyceum is a real asset to the community, offering a safe, nurturing space for children to learn and discover and an array of programs that you truly can't find anywhere else. Although we no longer live close enough for my children to participate, I would like these opportunities to continue to be available to other children."

Carli Susan

"The Lyceum is such as special place My kids got to do a week of camp when we were visiting Vancouver this past summer, and I *need* this place to still be around next time we visit. It is truly magical. Thank you!"

Maira Reimao

"The Lyceum is such a magical place! We hope that it stays open for many years to come. Best wishes!"

Clara Marie

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