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Volunteering at the Lyceum

Volunteer With Us

Share your passion for literature and art at Christianneʻs Lyceum. Our volunteers do a little bit of everything. They help with set-up and clean up, work one-on-one with children on art projects, provide editing advice in our writersʻ workshops, make snack, work in our library, prepare art activities and help out at events. We love signing volunteer record sheets and Duke of Edinburgh books, as well as providing references for employment and university. Interested?


Print off or download and then fill out our Volunteer Registration Form. Then, send us an e-mail at telling us a little about yourself and when you are available and we’ll work with you to try and find the most meaningful volunteer experience.

Volunteer Testimonials

Volunteering at the Lyceum is not only good for us, it's good for you. Our volunteers gain valuable and fulfilling work experience that prepares them for future employment. As well, they have the opportunity to make friends with their fellow volunteers and to become involved in the community. Last but certainly not least, our volunteers have fun!

Read some feedback from volunteers below. 

Meet Our Volunteers

Volunteers are vital to the Lyceum. They are incredibly generous with their time, helping children with art and writing, organizing the library, creating our window displays, keeping the Lyceum clean, and much more. We are so appreciative that each one of our volunteers has chosen to share their time, passion, and abilities with us.

A few members of our fantastic team are featured below so you can get to know them!


Juliette Levy-Gay

Now in grade 10 at West Point Grey Academy, Juliette has been involved with the Lyceum in some form or another since before she can remember. She loves everything about it: the atmosphere, the sense of community, and the experience she has gained from growing up there. Alongside writing and arts and crafts, Juliette loves to spend time with her friends and cats, enjoy the outdoors, and go thrift shopping! She is looking forward to another year as a volunteer to connect with students, hoping they grow to love the Lyceum as much as she does.

Navya Gadhiraju.jpg

Navya Gadhiraju

Navya is a grade 10 student, currently attending Prince Of Wales Mini School. She has been with the Lyceum for ten years, starting as a student in our Writers’ Workshops and she has been volunteering for 4 years. She loves Kitsilano, spending time with her family, both in India and Canada, as well as writing and working with kids! She believes that volunteering at the Lyceum has been a fantastic experience and feels that she has been able to change and learn so much from the students at the lyceum. She looks forward to growing with the Lyceum by sharing her experiences with others and helping fellow students through their literary journey. She hopes to always be part of our community!

Jonah Leibu.jpeg

Jonah Leibu

Jonah was born in San Fransisco, and has grown up first in Vancouver and then in Toronto. He has been volunteering at the Lyceum for two years after returning to Vancouver. He is participating in the DP program at Stratford Hall. Jonah’s hobbies include walking, biking, playing board games, and reading. In the future he hopes to attend university and study History or English.

Sabrina Durmaz.HEIC

Sabrina Durmaz

Sabrina is a grade 12 student who has loved reading, writing, and art since she was little. Her passion in these areas bloomed when she went to book clubs, workshops, and summer camps at the Lyceum starting at the age of three. When she was young, the Lyceum taught Sabrina the magic of books and imagination and she is excited to help create that experience for kids today. In her free time, she also likes hiking, playing with animals, and spending time with family and friends.

 Layla Veeravagu.png

Layla Veeravagu

Layla has been part of the Lyceum community since she was young and has participated in camps and classes. Throughout the years she has developed a love for the Lyceum and the people there. From painting with mixed-media to weaving or reading, art is one of her favourite ways of expression. Layla is always eager to work with children and creativity and is thrilled to be part of the Lyceum team!


Isabella Widjojo

Isabella is currently a grade 11 student at Little Flower Academy. From discovering the beloved world of reading in pre-school to writing her first story in second grade, Isabella's life has constantly revolved around literature. Completely enamoured with the world of arts, she is presently working on her first full-length novel and is hoping to pursue a degree in English literature. When she's not reading or writing, Isabella enjoys eating lots of ice cream, recommending far too many books to her peers, and spending plenty of time with her friends. She is so excited to be joining the volunteer team at Christianne's Lyceum of Literature and Art and looks forward to meeting you all! 

 Sofia Gonzalez.jpeg

Sofia Gonzalez

Sofia is a Grade 12 student currently attending the Lord Byng Secondary School Arts Mini Program. She has volunteered with Pacific Spirit United Church and the soccer program FreeKick, and has loved getting to know everyone at the Lyceum. Sofia enjoys books, art, playing sports, and learning languages. She is an avid Harry Potter and Beatles fan. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 9.29.16 AM.png

Ruby Harris

Ruby is a grade eleven student who has been with the Lyceum for almost three years. She goes to the Lyceum knowing that it is a place she can grow as a writer and eat delicious snacks. Her favourite volunteer experience has been painting pots for a Lyceum fundraiser. It was a perfect win-win situation: she got to paint, something she loves to do, and help a place that has aided her writing. She always associates the Lyceum with good memories. When Ruby isn't writing, she is playing soccer, reading, or cooking for her family.

Elaine Yang.jpg

Elaine Yang

Elaine is currently in grade 12 at Lord Byng Secondary. She has been in Vancouver for more than five years, but is new to the Lyceum. Sharing her literary and artistic interests with the younger students has been a wonderful experience and she has learned much in her first weeks here. In addition to art and literature, Elaine enjoys playing music, programming, and the occasional game of Dungeons and Dragons. She is hoping to study Computer Science or English in university.


Zach Duong

Zach Duong is a Grade 9 Student currently attending the GOLD Program at Prince of Wales Secondary School. He has been coming to the Lyceum since he was three years old! That's eleven whole years of coming and having fun at the Lyceum! Zack loves exploring Vancouver whether it's riding his bike or taking transit or both at the same time! He also of course loves coming to the Lyceum, reading and writing with his, and biking up the huge and tough hill in order to get to the Lyceum. Zack has contributed a lot to growing the Lyceum and has changed the Lyceum a lot. Zack has only been volunteering for only a few months but is looking forward to the experiences ahead and perhaps meeting you one day!


This could be you!

Interested in joining our team? 


Send an email to telling us a little about yourself and when you are available. Make sure to attach a completed Volunteer Registration Form.


We'll work with you to try and find the most meaningful volunteer experience.

program volunteers
Story Catchers 1  (Grades 4 & 5)

Aydin den Ouden  Grade 11
Barry Yu               Grede 11
Marie Rieseberg    Grade 9
Audrey Humphrey Grade 8

Story Catchers 2  (Grade 4 to 7)

Andy Yu               Grade 11
Nina Brooks-Hills  Grade 11
Persephone Wangen Grade 9

Elementary Literature and ART

Laelia Chan           Grade 9

Tuesday Home Leaners

Lola, Adult Volunteer (Industrial Design background)
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