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Our Philosophy

As a result of globalization and educational research, the “image of a child” has changed from that of an empty vessel or thirsty sponge to that of a “competent and unique individual” bringing her own strengths and learning competencies to the table. This in turn has brought about a shift from theories of learning that support the top-down transfer of select information to theories that support the co-construction of knowledge in the classroom and beyond. We believe literature is the best conduit with which to construct such knowledge.

This shift is reflected in the philosophical base of all programs offered at the Lyceum.

At the Lyceum we choose to concentrate on the perceptual dimension of learning in an effort to challenge binary thinking and encourage exploration of “possibilities.” Nurturing a lens through which to view personal, local, and global interactions helps children develop guiding principles when approaching problematic situations inherent in a diverse society.

Meet the team

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Founder & Director

Christianne Hayward

Christianne has been educating children and adults for over 35 years. She established her unique parent and youth bookclubs in 1996, and now facilitates 17 bookclubs, 4 writers’ workshops and literature and art classes for young children at the Lyceum. She also teaches at post-secondary institutions, works as a teacher consultant, facilitates parent groups in the ANCHOR Program at the Vancouver Child Study Centre, and is mother of two sons.

Her Ph.D studies in education (UBC, 2000) focused on using select children’s literature to develop socially relevant curriculum in early childhood settings through to high school. Christianne’s M.Ed studies (Bristol, 1982) centered around the use of literary theming in nursery schools and its effect on children’s attitudes toward reading. Christianne completed her B.Ed (U of A, 1978) in Special Education and received her Diploma in Early Childhood Education in the same year. Her first year of study at the U of A was dedicated to Fine Arts which fueled a life-long love of the arts.


Head of Sales

Caitlin Ferguson



Marketing and program assistant

Daniela Becerril

Dani is a translator-turned-marketer. Her love for languages and culture made her pursue a BA in Translation (UIC) back in her home country, Mexico. After having worked for over four years as a translator, she realized that—although being the bridge between cultures was wonderful—she wanted to use her voice to help cause-oriented organizations connect with more people and have a greater impact on the world.

She now holds a Post-Degree Diploma in Marketing and another one in Professional Communication (Douglas College). She has worked and volunteered for organizations that fight pollution, support members of marginalized groups and help people in need.

When she is not working, you can find Dani reading, crafting art with recycled materials or enjoying the outdoors with her sister’s dogs (Matilda & Pascal).


Graphic Designer

Cilla Holmes



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