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Registration & Policies


We take fit very seriously at the Lyceum and to this end we encourage our customers to engage in a conversation with our staff about their particular child’s needs and interests. This means we have avoided online registration in deference to a visit in person or by phone call. 

We are currently accepting registration for our 2024/25 Fall Programs and 2024 Summer Camps programs.


Contact us by phone or by email to inquire about our:

  • Parent and Youth Bookclubs

  • Writers' Workshops

  • Early Childhood literature and art classes

  • Home Learners' programs

  • Winter, Spring and Summer Break programs

  • Meet the Author and Authors' Night Out events for adults 

To register for programs at the Lyceum


  • Please send us an email at

  • Families registering for the first time must fill out a copy of our Registration and Consent forms and submit them to the Lyceum before the beginning of their first class. 

  • Returning families are encouraged to make sure that the Lyceum has their current contact information on file when re-registering.

  • Once we receive your completed registration forms, we will send you an invoice, payable by cash, cheque or e-transfer to Payment is required to hold your place on the list.

Payment (Anchor)


Once you have registered for a program at the Lyceum, we will send an invoice to the email address provided. We accept payment via cash, cheque or e-transfer to If you choose to pay by e-transfer, please include the invoice number in the memo line. 

Spaces can be held in all Lyceum programs for one week without payment.  After one week, if no payment arrangements have been made, the Lyceum reserves the right to offer the student’s space to others wishing to join the class.


We are happy to extend deadlines to accommodate families who are applying for outside support to attend our programs, however the responsibility for obtaining the necessary documents and mailing applications in a timely manner rests with individual families.


For families requiring a little flexibility, we can develop a payment plan.  We are also occasionally able to offer scholarships for those in need.

Please contact us to discuss any unique payment needs!

Late Start (Anchor)

Late Start

If a program does not have full attendance, we can offer a late start at a prorated cost. Please note: unplanned absences or missed class due to illness does not qualify for a refund however wherever possible we will try to offer a makeup class of similar nature. 

Missed Class and Sickness

Missed Classes & Sickness

If you know that you are going to have to miss a class at the Lyceum, please let us know by telephone or email. This helps us plan for the day more effectively.


The Lyceum does not guarantee make up classes or refunds for those who miss their regularly scheduled classes. However, every effort will be made to arrange attendance of a similar class at a different time, if doing so would not interrupt the class in question. Please contact us to see if this might be a possibility for your child.

If your child is showing covid symptoms or deep congestion, they should be kept home. Even with lower restrictions, we need to work together to keep the Lyceum safe and welcoming for all. We continue to adjust our covid-19 policy in accordance with provincial standards.


We understand that often a cough or runny nose is due to allergies and this should not prevent your child from attending class. However, we ask that you consider the severity of your child's symptoms before sending them to the Lyceum. If your child develops a cough or congestion while at the Lyceum we require that they wear a mask. We want to keep our students healthy from preventable colds and flus. 


Please keep your child home if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever

  • Vomiting 

  • Diarrhea

  • Yellow/green mucus

  • Wet cough

  • Documented infection disease such as measles, chicken pox, eye styes, etc.

Cancellation (Anchor)


Please submit notice of withdrawal in writing to If notice is given more than 14 days before the start of the program, we will provide a refund less our $35 admin fee or a full credit for any future program. For cancellation within 14 days we are unable to provide a refund but will offer the same full credit. 

Registration Dates (Anchor)

Registration Dates

Fall Term

June 15:  Last date that spaces are held in fall programs for currently enrolled students

June 16:  General registration for fall programs begins


Winter Term

November 15:  Last date that spaces are held in winter programs for currently enrolled students

November 16:  General registration for winter programs begins


Spring Term

March 1: Last date that spaces are held in spring programs for currently enrolled students

March 2: General registration for spring programs begins


Summer Term

March 1: General registration for all summer programs begins

Siblings at Bookclubs (Anchor)

Siblings at Bookclubs

Bookclub is intended to be a special time between a parent and child.  The Lyceum asks that every effort be made to find suitable childcare for siblings on bookclub evenings.  We are, however, sympathetic to the fact that this is not always possible. If bringing a sibling becomes necessary, siblings are asked to play quietly in the living room and parents are asked to pack enough quiet toys and games to keep siblings entertained for the duration of bookclub. 

Twin (Anchor)

Twin Policy

We can offer a 10% discount to families with twins that attend the same class or families with three siblings that attend the same class.

References (Anchor)


Christianne’s Lyceum of Literature and Art strives to be a place where children feel comfortable taking risks and empowered to share their opinions and experiences. We welcome youth with diverse abilities and backgrounds and aim to give them a place in the community where it is possible to be themselves. To preserve this sense of acceptance and community, Christianne and the rest of the Lyceum staff must adhere to the following guidelines when providing character and academic references. 


  1. We believe that young children change daily and that remarkable advancements in literacy, artistry, and social development can occur in a matter of weeks. For this reason, we do not feel comfortable providing character or academic references for children under age five.

  2. We understand that the need for reference letters for preschool and kindergarten students is motivated by your desire to give your child the best possible education, and we are happy to contribute to this process. We are pleased to provide a letter of attendance for students in our ECE programs. This letter will outline the nature of the program your child has attended at the Lyceum and a copy will be sent to you and the schools to which you are applying. 

  3. Christianne is happy to write reference letters for students over the age of five, who she has known for at least one year

  4. We require at least three weeks notice to write a reference letter. In high demand times, such as November and January, four to five weeks is appreciated. 

  5. To write the best possible reference letter, we require the application criteria and full address of the school to which your child is applying. For older students, a resume and the school or scholarship’s evaluation criteria are very useful

  6. Due to high demand for reference letters, we can only supply individualized reference letters for two schools per student

  7. Christianne feels particularly committed to writing reference letters for students applying to high schools and students going on to higher education


Christianne is untiring in her desire to fight for the children she recommends, and unwavering in her belief that children learn at different rates and in different ways. Our policy on reference letters stems from the philosophical and theoretical beliefs that underline all the work that goes on at the Lyceum. We thank you for supporting us in upholding these beliefs. 

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