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Biographies that Inspire

Elementary • Ages 8 to 12

August 8 to 11 (four afternoons)

1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

$232 + GST

In every human being there is a hero waiting to emerge, and we want to use these four afternoons in August to acknowledge and celebrate this. Each day we’ll read books about people who have inspired change on both small and large scales in all corners of the globe.


We’ll work to create a new piece of art every day, centered around an inspirational quote that resonates with us the most. Of course at the Lyceum, we’ll employ beautiful stationary and pens to create a saying that captures the teachings of the people we study. 


We will draw from Christianne’s rich bank of resources to transform these sayings into art pieces that will make you and your child want to hang them pride of place in your study, bedroom, or anywhere else they’ll catch your eye and serve as inspirational reminders.

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