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Greek Mosaics

Intermediate • Ages 8 to 12

July 29 to August 2 (5 afternoons)

1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

$305 + GST

If you know anything about the Lyceum, you’ll know that we’re passionate about mosaics. From pavers, to coasters and everything in between, we’d like to think we’ve gained mastery in this intricate and sometimes challenging art form. 

We’re dedicating this tiling workshop to the Greek greats! Christianne will use her extensive collection to select some of the most pivotal works (from Island of the Minotaur by Sheldon Oberman, to Ariadne Awake by Doris Ogel) to inspire imagery for our work. Focusing on key passages, the group will be encouraged to pull out scenes that they’d like to translate into tile. Whether it’s a long and winding labyrinth, a towering Minotaur or Aphrodite and the mimosa blossoms, the possibilities are endless (and exciting). Starting with a 10 inch wooden trivet base, Christianne will guide the group through placing their border tiles, before learning the basics of cutting tile. The sense of achievement you feel after cutting, placing and securing each piece of ceramic is truly mesmerising and we’re sure that you’ll be a total convert after this week with us.  


Students will leave their work safe in our capable hands for grouting and sealing, to be collected (with pride) early the following week. Make sure you have a display spot already marked out!

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