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Wandering with Watercolour

Intermediate • Ages 8 to 12

July 22 to August 26 (5 mornings) 

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

$298 + GST

Watercolour is one of the most popular art forms and yet so many are intimidated by the lack of control they feel when representing set images. We have found that embracing an attitude of exploration and experimentation frees up our artists to experience the magic that emanates as colours meet and blend. The fluidity with which colour floats across the page is graceful and inviting; you can represent such depth of colour once basic techniques have been mastered. 


On the first day, Christianne will guide the group to make their own technique guide poster (framable for the future) before broadening artistic horizons and delving deeper in the days to come. 


The best place to seek out inspiration at this time of the year is of course in the great outdoors. Across the week we’ll work with wet on wet, wet on dry and wet on damp approaches, capturing floral and ocean landscapes.

Christianne wants this

We’ll set up shop in different spots each morning to make sure we capture the views that make Vancouver famous, from sea to sky. Students will have the opportunity to try as many canvases as they please before heading back to the Lyceum and putting them together in whatever order makes sense to them (by colour, by theme, by subject) in an accordion memory book. 


This exploration is certified as soothing for the soul, so what better way to ground your child’s summer than by giving them time to put paint to paper in the great outdoors.

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