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Unfolding the Science Behind Paper Folding

Elementary • Ages 5 to 12

July 31 to August 4 (five mornings) 

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

$290 + GST

Adding to our meditation collective, this series of classes focuses on uncovering and unfolding the secrets of paper craft. We’ll read stories that involve the craft of working with paper, either through illustration or storyline. Inspired, we will then turn to our own creations. For this, we will work as a team, guided by Christianne and putting our patience into practice, we’ll work on everything from folded cups, to paper cranes and revolving puzzles. Sometimes we’ll use beautiful origami papers and other times we’ll decorate white paper-art with intricate ink images.


We’ll save one day (perhaps our last) to put together a paper laser-cut lantern designed by Ben Hayward. Once you’re finished acquiring the necessary skills, you’ll come to realize that idle hands are a thing of the past…all you’ll need is a napkin or receipt and wondrous things will follow.

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