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Lit & Art

K TO GRADE 3 -- Ages 5 to 8

The Lyceum is launching a new rendition of our Thursday Literature and Art class and as a one time offer we are offering a 30% discount. As with all our programs we prorate for late registrants. 


At the Lyceum, we strongly believe in the connection between art and story and this is a class where we give particular attention to exploring connections between these two forms of expression. Whether it’s through the writing symbols in the pattern of a Psyanky egg, embedding meaning in the pattern of a weaving, sharing knowledge through symbols on printed canvas, encoding experience on a talking stick through carving or hiding secret messages in mosaic, the stories of our experience are immortalized in our art as traces of  cultural learnings. Christianne will begin each class by sharing unique stories from diverse cultures, leading to in-depth art projects in which students are encouraged to step outside the box and follow wherever the medium takes them. 


We will begin this particular session by exploring stories in cloth (freedom quilts of Southern USA, Kente cloths of Kenya, story cloths of the Hmong people, and the story blankets of Mexico) and then try our hand at weaving on looms we make ourselves. From there we will pick up the interests of participants and draw from the rich resources of the Lyceum to create new investigations.


Grades K to 3

Thursdays, 4:00PM to 6:00PM


Spring: April 18 to June 20 (10 sessions)

Cost: $322 + GST 30% Off (Regular $460)

In the upcoming Spring term starting from April 18, we kick off with a Loom Weaving program spanning several weeks.


Participants will construct handmade looms and delve into the art of weaving, including finger knitting. Following the weaving projects, we will explore additional art forms based on student interests.

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Invest in your child’s literary future; expose them to the transformative power of a good story.  Our Elementary Literature and Art class is designed to introduce young readers to some of the best children’s literature in the world today, while inviting them to engage with a variety of forms of visual art. Our goal is to ignite your child’s passion for narrative, expose them to new artistic techniques and challenge them to think deeply about the world they live in.

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