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Motherin' Gnome Lore & Poultices

Elementary • Ages 6 to 12 

July 17 to 21 (five afternoons) 

1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

$300 + GST

If you’re just too excited to go home after investigating the secret life of bees, why not stick around for another quintessential Lyceum offering? Whether you’re new to us in a new place in a new neighbourhood or you’ve been part of the family for years, you’ll quickly come to know that we take our faerie and gnome lore very seriously. 

A pillar of her community, the Motherin’ Gnome has been creating her famous poultices for generations; her most famous was for Melinda, a Lyceum seamstress faerie, after she was sighted by humans and her leg turned to stone. A soft, moist mass made from natural ingredients was heated and spread across Melinda’s malady with rather miraculous effects. She now walks with only a small limp, evidence that her life has been transformed exponentially by the talents of an ally and friend. We’ll spend our week together making many different salves (to be applied as poultices), and putting together a comprehensive natural remedy gnome healing kit that can be taken anywhere and used by young enthusiasts to save the day. 

*This can be paired with our How to Keep Honey Bees Happy camp for a full day offering.

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