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How to Keep Honey Bees Happy

Elementary • Ages 5 to 12 

July 17 to 21 (five mornings) 

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

$295 + GST

One of our most loved staples, we couldn’t imagine a summer roster without this as a feature. In 2023 we want to focus on spreading the joy and what better place to start than the foundation and anchor of our food supply? You could say that the Lyceum’s extensive catalogue of bee books is unrivaled in the city, and we’d have to agree with you there. Christianne will take the group on a deep dive into a world we very rarely catch a glimpse of. The closer you look, the cuter these insects become, and as we learn more about their complex societies, we’ll see just how much they contribute to our ecosystem.

By planting non-invasive flowers (cornflower, lavender and calendula to name but a few) in individual plants we will bring the bees to our backyards and balconies to pollinate, and propel our flora into a sustainable future. Next we’ll try our skill at painting a canvas from a “bee-eye” view. Of course, we’lll also have our usual demonstration at Christianne’s house, meeting bee experts Ian and Karim Hayward for an up close taste from the hive, rounds of bee trivia and a special rendition of bee pictionary to truly test the knowledge that we’ve garnered across the week. Of course, snack will be honey-themed (vegan alternatives available). 

*This can be paired with our Motherin’ Gnome Lore and Poultices camp for a full day offering.

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