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At Hogwarts with Harry Potter

Elementary • Ages 6 to 12

July 24 to 28 (five full days)

9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

$610 + GST

The one you’ve all been waiting for…our annual full day Hogwarts extravaganza. This year’s offering promises to be more magical than ever before. We’ll ease ourselves into each morning by reading excerpts from Jim Kay’s beautifully illustrated editions and invite the group to enter into whatever discussions excite them. We’ll do everything from making our own brooms, to spell trivia and house sorting, making sure that every witch and wizard is catered for. 


Christianne will introduce and guide students through making their own miniature ‘storefront’ interpretations of either Honeydukes or Diagon Alley, using a variety of construction materials, embellishments and a shadow box foundation. Students will have the opportunity to make tiny accompaniments that will bring their scenes to life. Taking just the right amount of inspiration from both the books and the people around them will allow the full scope of creativity to come to the fore. 


Every afternoon, magical modes of transport in hand, after strategy training at the Lyceum (and a rule refresher cheat sheet) we’ll head to the quidditch pitch for a truly thrilling game…to be rewarded of course with an end of week visit to Honeydukes.

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