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Penny's Camp: Storytelling &
Eco-friendly Story Models

Elementary • Ages 8 to 12

August 21 to 25 (five full days) 

9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

$600 + GST

This is not Penny’s first time as a camp designer and we think you’ll be able to tell. After walking through the door on day 1, you’ll have an immediate and overwhelming sense that this is a carefully considered exercise in pure creativity. 


In preparation, Penny and Christianne will hand craft a one-of-a-kind drawstring bag from which students will pull characters to act as the basis for the week’s stories. Using eco-friendly materials, we’ll create intricate storyboards, allowing visions to spring from the page and really come to life. After reaching out to our extensive network, we’ll find a rising film star to capture our students as they guide viewers through the waves of their tall tales (for YouTube and beyond). Not forgetting that all authors need fuel, we’ll feed everyone a feast of purple treats…Penny believes that any purple is bound to be delicious!. Once we’ve put pen to paper, we’ll round out the week, binding our own stories by hand, and sending home a keepsake that will hopefully be passed down through the generations.

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