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Wisdoms and Poultices from the Motherin’ Gnome

Intermediate • Ages 6 to 12

August 26 to 30 (5 afternoons) 

1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

$298 + GST

A pillar of her community, the Motherin’ Gnome has been creating her famous poultices for generations; her most famous was for Melinda, a Lyceum seamstress faerie. When a human entered the faerie garden armed with a fancy camera, Melinda was too distracted to transform herself and chose instead to hide behind a tree. She misjudged the position of her left leg and it was turned to stone as a result of the photographer’s sighting. Only the Motherin’ Gnome could heal Melinda and she did with the help of faerie campers from 2019. 


From this simple act of kindness, a community of compassion, grace and tolerance spread throughout the Lyceum clan of Fae, but we know that in life, speed bumps arise. Prejudice has entered the garden as different cultures of the Fae have taken up residence in the newly renovated garden and the Motherin’ Gnome is bent on alleviating this through natural remedies, stories of gratitude and creative gifting  from campers to build bridges of understanding.


We’ll start off by exploring what prejudice means and how it affects different societies. With a careful eye to what is going on in the garden, we’ll take direction and guidance from the Motherin’ Gnome, crafting and concocting a multitude of remedies and offerings. Making anything in miniature is bound to breed excitement and we know that your child will leave this week feeling utterly enchanted. 

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