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Faerie Flower Fashion

Elementary • Ages 6 to 12

August 28 to September 1 (five afternoons)

1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

$290 + GST

The Lyceum Faerie Fan Club grows exponentially each and every year and we are so excited to revisit this particular offering in 2023. Guarantees are few and far between in life, but we can absolutely assure you that your child will go home spellbound at the end of this week. 

Clothes are so much more than material coverings, they are expressions of character, a way to communicate with others, a living moodboard. 


After settling down and finding a cozy spot, tiny tea cups in hand, Christianne will regale the group with the latest comings and goings of the Fae and how they are doing after the big move. We’ll learn the practice of pressing delicate flowers to use as miniature garments after working on watercolour silhouettes to dress. All of our masterpieces will be nestled safely in handmade accordion books to take with us as outfit inspiration. 


The week will culminate in a famous faerie tea with all the delicious treats your faerie lover’s heart could desire. This one fills up fast, so make sure your foot is the first through the door.

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