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Nurturing a Love of Literature: A Parent & Toddler Class

AGES 2 year olds and those turning 2 with an Adult

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We are reimagining our Thursday morning classes to make way for a rich experience that both parents and children can tune into. Christianne will set aside the first  50 minutes of each class to share her expertise with parents over tea and coffee about relevant topics ranging from: 

  • nurturing literacy from an early age, 

  • the power of storytelling to effect fulfilling parenting experiences.

  • the connection between storytelling and writing

  • diversity as it relates to literacy

  • connecting number and text literacy

  • books to support different learning styles

  • must-have books for every home  


While Christianne engages in discourse with parents, the toddlers will engage in free play with two staff educators. 


Next parents will join their children for an interactive story time with Christianne followed by a miniature tea party snack with real china. Parents will then work alongside their children on a joint art activity or story-prop building activity. Children will benefit from social interactions, the infectious joy of story, an environment rich in books and exposure to high quality art materials. A child who can retell a story they have heard has the underlying structural tools to become a writer. This is a one-of-a-kind experience not to be missed.


Note: there is a maximum of 6 children and 6 adults in each class (nursing infants are also welcome)

Term dates

Thursdays 9:30AM to 11:30AM

Ages 2 and those turning 2 with an adult

Fall term: September 12 to December 12 (14 sessions)

Cost: $680 + GST

We will adjust the fee for late-start families on a semester basis. Please feel free to join us.

Winter term: January 9 to March 13 (10 sessions)

Cost: $486 + GST

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