Insects in the City



Insects in the City

JUNE 21 TO 25

9:00 AM TO 12:00 PM

There are few things quite as exciting as the anticipation of flipping that shaded, odd shaped and slightly wet stone in the corner of your backyard. Cool to the touch, it’s like uncovering hidden treasure, except this kind has legs....lots and lots of legs. We dedicate one week each year to the study of all things creepy-crawly. This delicate yet hardy sub-section of our ecosystem provides the foundation for the food we eat and the plants we grow. We’ll spend part of each morning outside conducting our own field research into what scuttles around the neighbourhood. Armed with magnifying glasses and bug catchers, we’ll examine our six-legged friends and maybe some of their garden associates up close and personal before using them as the inspiration for our own multimedia art projects. Campers will use textured paper and Sculpey figures to create natural scenes that will be impossible for our creepy-crawlies to resist. 

This is a catch and release program.

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