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Tiny Fingers in the Soil

Preschool • Ages 3 to 5

June 24 to 28 (5 afternoons) 

1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

$298 + GST

There’s nothing more grounding (both literally and figuratively) than touching your feet to the earth while sifting rich soil through your fingers as you tuck a baby plant into bed. During this camp, we want to spend the week celebrating the wonder of mother nature with your preschooler. 


Christianne will delve into her incredibly expansive catalog of literature, exploring how different artists and illustrators showcase the beauty and complexity of the flora around us. After an interactive storytime, we’ll head outdoors to visit our new community garden beds before walking each student through making their own informative mini picture plant guide. We’ll use these learnings to create a tiny rock garden complete with mosses, sedum and small pathways that lead to secret hideaways for seeds. 


We’ll also hope to have time to design a small herb pot that wouldn’t look out of place in a restaurant kitchen. Children will populate the container with 3 plants of their choosing, perhaps letting their noses guide the way this time. This class is guaranteed to convert even the most hesitant gardeners into green-fingered growers, and we know that you’ll be bowled over by the bounty we send home! 

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