Page Rippers


Guidance, editorial assistance and publication pointers are all part of this intensive writers’ workshop. Emphasis will be placed on the creation of new work and the workshopping process. All genres and writing styles will be celebrated. Join us for a unique opportunity to socialize around literature and develop your writing voice.


Fall term: September 26, October 3, October 17, November 14, November 28, December 12 (6 sessions)

Cost: $70 drop-in + GST 

During the fall term we explore poetry by collecting words and stuffing them into our pockets like undiscovered treasures. 


Winter term: January 9, January 23, February 6, February 20, March 13 (5 sessions)

Cost: $70 drop-in + GST 

In the winter we'll discover the wonders of a short story. 

Spring term: April 10, April 24, May 15, June 5* (4 sessions)

Cost: $70 drop-in + GST 

Each spring we work around the students' chosen theme to create beautiful handmade books for participants to sell and get the taste of what it's like to be a published author.