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Our Wishlist

We are often asked, "I have these things at home, can I donate them to the Lyceum?" and, while we always greatly appreciate this generosity, our supplies are lacking in some areas more than others. The items below are currently on the Lyceum's wishlist!

Garden supplies:

  • trellis

  • large garden pots (plastic or ceramic)

  • 4"x4" posts 

  • used cedar fence boards

  • outdoor/patio chairs 

  • any kind of metal or wooden framing/lattice/archway

Literature & art materials:

  • shrink art paper

  • unusual beads

  • brightly coloured tiles for mosaics

  • used books for children ages 7 and under, in good condition (to be used as prizes at events)

Kitchen update:

  • used fridge

  • used dishwasher (when we update our kitchen we hope to plumb in a dishwasher in place of the portable one)


Tools & technology:

  • used/refurbished macs

  • handheld hair dryers for crafts

A helping hand:

  • someone with knowledge about updating our outdoor sensor lights

  • someone with knowledge about installing new iOS on old macs

  • someone with knowledge about energy efficient heating and appliance

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