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Our Philosophy

Great writers aren’t made over night. At the Lyceum we invest in the creative process over time, encouraging young people to see themselves as writers, and to see writing as an essential way to express themselves and interact with the world.

Our programs focus on nurturing a playfulness with language, allowing students to develop confidence in their abilities and instilling a passion for the written word. We find that once these three elements are present, students become invested in their own writing, passionately discussing principles of strong writing, and actively participating in the editing process. This process allows us to teach to the needs of the group.

Writers’ Workshops at the Lyceum are an enjoyable opportunity to create great writing in a supportive community. We hope you’ll join us!

If the Writers’ Workshop you are interested in has already started, please call us to see if there is still room. We will prorate the registration fee in this instance.

Student to Teacher Ratio and Scribes

At the Lyceum, we offer a high student to teacher ratio, and are even more fortunate to be assisted by volunteer writers from our community. This means plenty of one-on-one attention, individualized editing sessions, and scribes for younger students who need a little extra help getting their words on the page. We find that once students see their ideas in print, they are excited to begin the writing journey.

Final Product

At the Lyceum we focus on process over product, but each term we find meaningful ways to celebrate the work that has gone on in each class. Past projects have included anthologies, hand-made books, broadsides and readings for family and friends.

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