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Art for Adults Series

Responding to community feedback, the Lyceum is launching an Art for Adults series.

There is nothing more perfect than the realization you’re sitting on the cusp of a weekend. Balanced on the precipice of great things, you face endless possibilities of dinners outdoors, spontaneous beach treks, and never-ending walks through the trees.


Our suggestion to you is to use this new and exciting Lyceum offering to give yourself a chance to refresh before said weekend…feed your creative juices and relax. With tasty refreshments included, a later start time means you don’t need to rush home after work.


Take your time and settle in while meeting a few like-minded people before you begin to create something you feel good about (and will cherish in the months to come).

Untitled design.png

This is the ideal way to try your hand at a new skill without investing in the plethora of tools that often accompany it. However you feel about the end result, you will transit home safe in the knowledge that you’ve learned the language of the media and can continue practicing with confidence. 

We’ll explore a variety of artistic mediums at the same time as fostering a space in which ideas can be shared with confidence and received with warm encouragement….sounds like the perfect recipe!

Note: priced higher to accommodate cost of art supplies and food

Working with beeswax

Thursday, April 18  ●  7:00 PM to 10:00 PM  ●  $60 + GST

The activity:

Image by Andrew Dawes

More details will be provided soon!


Thursday, May 16  ●  7:00 PM to 10:00 PM  ●  $60 + GST

The activity:

Watercolor Painting

Unwind from the chilly weather and holiday bustle by treating yourself to an evening of watercolour painting, sipping wine, snacking and socializing with like-minded people. All levels of experience are welcome, and a cozy and whimsical atmosphere is sure to inspire.


The evening will start with the sharing of basic tips, after which participants will be encouraged to explore the media freely. Natural materials will be displayed so that individuals can create/arrange their own still-life models. Alternatively, painters may wish to bring an image or object from home that they wish to try their hand at representing in watercolour.


Participants can expect to take home as many pieces as they have the time and passion to create. 

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