Lifelong Learning: A Coffeehouse Series for Parents

Responding to community feedback, the Lyceum is launching a coffeehouse series especially for parents.

After you drop your children off at school in the morning, come to the Lyceum for some “you” time and learn something new at the same time. Each event in this coffeehouse series will centre around a topic related to literature, art, education, or parenthood. 


Christianne will share her wealth of knowledge with parents as they sip a warm drink and occupy their hands with a user-friendly art activity. Each participant will leave with a memento of their learning journey.

4L  An Evening with Christianne 2.JPG

As all Lyceum programs are rooted in philosophies supporting co-constructed curriculum, you can be sure your questions will be addressed. The material discussed will be driven by the thoughts and queries of the participants.

This series is aimed at parents of preschool and elementary-aged children, but will be adapted for each sessions' participants. 

Oral Storytelling & Story-Working

Wednesday, November 9  ●  9:30AM to 11:30AM  ●  $40 + GST

The topic:

Reading to your children is not child’s play. What do you do when your young listeners are squirming in their seats? How do you introduce new vocabulary without breaking the story’s rhythm? Can one book create a magical experience over and over again? 


Christianne has spent countless hours telling stories to audiences of every age and has thoughtfully developed her own approach, based in Reggio Emilia philosophy.


Her unique and valuable expertise will help you understand the importance of oral storytelling and adapting a story to each situation, and weave this practice into your daily life. Armed with new knowledge and new skills, you will walk out of the Lyceum a more confident storyteller, ready to engage even the most reluctant listener.

The activity:

As Christianne shares her insights, each participant will tame wayward bits of wool, with sharp felting needles to create an image on a vibrant coloured background. You’ll be amazed at how this meditative activity produces a stunning work of art. Nestled in a frame, your piece can be hung on the wall or perhaps placed on your child’s nightstand, a reminder of all you’ve learned that joins you through story.

Gift Giving with Ease

Wednesday, November 30  ●  9:30AM to 11:30AM  ●  $40 + GST

The topic:

The holiday season is imminent and the Lyceum has a present for every parent: the gift of knowing what to give. Christianne will share her top ten brain games that your child will be thrilled to unwrap and her top ten stories to bring warmth to a wintery night. She will walk you through each item, taking the time to explain the merits and the magic so you know whose name to write on the gifttag. 


With Christianne’s help, the not-so-distant sound of jingle bells will fill you with joy instead of panic this year and you’ll have every item crossed off your shopping list before the first dusting of snow. 

The activity:

As Christianne shares her insights, participants will craft watercolour holiday cards - the perfect personal touch to pair with any gift you give!