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    We are looking for a book keeper!

    Sometimes we’re plagued by the thought that what we’re doing lacks meaning or purpose, and we wonder just how much we’re contributing to the greater good. If you have the time in your schedule (perhaps between school drop-off and pick-up, during half days at nursery, or after you wave your child off to university) - we are looking for someone who’ll share their wisdom when it comes to all things administrative. 


    The unsung hero of the Lyceum has always been our bookkeeper and we have had three incredible individuals over the past 18 years, showing just how committed they have been to our place in the community. 

    An experience like this is immeasurable; you’ll get to work with a one-of-a-kind company, being exposed to a rich literary and art environment. If you have a keen eye for numbers, and off the charts organizational prowess, then you could be our knight in shining armour. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life and on any given day you may find yourself doing everything from processing payroll, to categorizing and recording expenses. This position could be a wonderful way to ease back into the workforce, sharpen your skills and build confidence. It could also be a way for an established bookkeeper taking time off to keep their toes in the game. Dorothy has kindly offered to help train a new person in the tasks that she has performed for us and orient them to our particular practices.


    Be part of the literary community and truly make a difference…


    Note: position requires 3-4 hours per week (more at year end) and involves inputting data on QB, balancing accounts and preparing documents for our accountant upon request. Though this is a volunteer position, if you have children we’d love to exchange your brain power for our programming and/or you may want to take advantage of our adult programs

    We would love to hear from you! Please contact us . Your support is deeply valued and appreciated.

    Dr. Christianne Hayward

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