Summer Camps


COVID-19 Policies & Protocol

With things around us changing, we’ve all had to adapt.

Each parent, before dropping their children off for a camp, will have to fill out our COVID-19 check-in form.

To read our policies and protocols in full, click here.

Make Magic!

About Summer Camps at Christianne’s Lyceum 

Our summer camps support children and youth as they engage in the process of making — discovering the joy of manipulating materials with their hands, transforming material to leave traces for others to decode and make meaning, experiencing the thrill of watching words pile up on a blank sheet of paper, or inventing imaginative worlds and daring to get lost in them. Our staff gently facilitate these creative endeavours, helping young people see their initial concepts of their stories or art projects come to fruition. We co-construct curriculum to recognize the partnership between teacher and learner.  Lyceum staff listen carefully to students reactions and questions, and allow these to guide the direction of further investigations.  This means the summer camp your child attends will take into account their interests and experiences, tailoring curriculum to meet, support and challenge them.

At the end of each camp, we’ll send home a brief snapshot of our time together to let parents in on the magic we’ve conjured.  Let’s get creating!

What Makes Our Summer Camps Unique?

  • A focus on the process of making, and on valuing such making as a sustaining, life-long activity

  • Co-constructed curriculum which makes it possible to meet individual needs of participants

  • High-quality art materials

  • A welcoming, inspiring and spacious environment

  • The flexibility to meet children where they are and honour their individual timelines

  • Outings that support camp inquiries

  • Documentation, which is provided after each camp

  • An emphasis on process over product

  • Actual faeries

Dr. Christianne Hayward, Ph.D

Dr. Hayward is the primary architect and teacher of each summer camp.  She brings more than thirty years of experience as an educator, storyteller, post-secondary school professor, teacher consultant and pioneer of community literary programs to every literary and creative investigation that evolves in our studio.  As class sizes are capped at approximately twelve students, each young artist will have the chance to work closely with Dr. Hayward, with additional support from her staff of artists and writers, as well as two to three volunteers.

Age Restrictions

Age restrictions for our programs are guidelines only. If your child is interested in a program that is aimed at a slightly older or slightly younger age group, please give us a call to discuss if this class would be a good fit for your child. He or she may be welcome to join us.

Need a Full Day?

We offer lunch hour supervision on days when morning and afternoon camps fall within the same age category. Please let us know if you’d like to take advantage of this service, and send your child with a packed lunch. We have a fridge and microwave for your convenience.


You can register in four ways.

  1. By calling 604.733.1356

  2. By emailing

  3. By dropping by 3696 W. 8th Ave.

  4. Chanting the magic words at the stroke of midnight. 


Please make sure you read our registration policies and procedures.

Payment policy

We realize that plans are evolving in accordance with the covid-19 pandemic. Each participant is required to submit a 10% deposit in order to hold their spot in any summer camp -- this deposit is refundable if cancelled 7 days or more before the start of class. 

Remaining balances are due before the end of the business day on the first day of camp. 


If a camp is full and moves onto waitlist, all registrants will be asked to submit payment in full to confirm their spaces.  

To view our full summer 2021 brochure click here.

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Preschool Summer Camps

AGES: 3 TO 5

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Primary Summer Camps

AGES: 5 TO 9


Intermediate Summer Camps

AGES: 9 TO 12


Preteen and Teen Summer Camps

AGES: 12 TO 18