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Christianne's Lyceum
of Literature and Art


Summer Camps 2024

Preschool to Young Adult
June 24th - August 30th
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Registration is open for
Fall 2024


Christianne’s Bookclubs, created in 1996, help families interact around quality literature. These clubs promote the sharing of values, effective communication around challenging subjects, and a love of literature in a warm and stimulating setting. Select books are presented to help families navigate through the tough and tender issues they encounter throughout life.


For the youngest members of the Lyceum community, we have programs offering everything from finger-rhyming and song to investigations through visual art in our Preschool Literature and Art classes.

Writers' Workshops

Great writers aren’t made overnight. At Christianne's Lyceum of Literature and Art we invest in the creative process over time, encouraging young people to see themselves as writers, and to see writing as an essential way to express themselves and interact with the world.


Our workshops for home learners give youth the opportunity to use great works of literature and challenging ideas as inspiration for their own writing and art. Our small class sizes and commitment to co-constructing curriculum with our students, mean that no matter what your children’s interests or abilities, the Lyceum is a safe and encouraging environment for them to explore their own creativity.

What is Chiristianne's Lyceum?

Founded in 2007, the Lyceum is a centre that celebrates literature and art and puts it at the centre of family and community life. This inclusive centre prides itself on being ready to engage and co-construct learning journeys with individuals and families representing all aspects of a diverse  community.

Through creative programming that draws connections between literature and what’s going on in the outside world, the Lyceum encourages children to see themselves as readers, writers, and artists engaging with ideas and reflecting on their own place in society. We offer classes, workshops and events for children as young as one to adults.


Many have come to know the Lyceum as a cozy living room, a specialized library, a well-equipped studio and a whimsical art gallery all wrapped up into one. It is here that literature is transformed into experience, and experience is transformed into literature through passionate discourse. Literature, in all its representations, is a powerful tool in creating socially conscious societies committed to non-binary ways of problem solving the complexities we face as a world.

Program Spotlight & Lyceum News

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