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Dungeons and Dragons

Preteen & Teen • Ages 10+

August 19 to 23 (5 evenings) 

6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

$310 + GST


Dungeons and Dragons has amassed a cult-like following; designed to encourage players to fully immerse themselves in a fantasy world, they level up and gain experience by embarking on quests of epic proportions. It is, at its core, truly interactive storytelling, making it the perfect theme for a summer teen camp at the Lyceum. 


We will work together, selecting and painting our own characters. Each camper can also use characters from the Lyceum’s collection to help them on their quest. Dungeon master, Liam Bevelander, will help campers to ‘build out’ their characters, share game rules and explain player etiquette before setting out parameters for roleplaying the first ever game of Dungeons and Dragons at the Lyceum.


At the end of the week, students will leave with a strong sense of community, limitless imagination and a full set of characters that everyone will be envious of at your next D&D game.

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