The Farmers Behind Our Food

AGES: 9 TO 12

The Farmers Behind Our Food

JULY 12 TO 16

1:30 PM TO 4:30 PM

The knowledge of where our food comes from is something that every socially-conscious family should invest in. Amidst the delicate juggling act of extracurriculars, nourishing our brains and our bodies can sometimes fall by the wayside. Across five afternoons,  Christianne will teach the group how to make tasty salads* by giving each student ingredients to experiment with. Campers will be introduced to the stories behind our local produce as we follow the chain of production for many of our favourite delectable treats.  

There are some truly captivating tales about food and farming, many of which we house in the Lyceum’s extensive library. 

Let us bring the greens back into your child’s life and you’ll be completely amazed at what they whip up to accompany your next family dinner. It is our hope to invite one or two local farmers to share their joy and challenge. 

*All of the food preparation will be done in a Covid safe manner, using masks, gloves and protective screens between students.

The books...