Teen Home Learner Groups

Pod 1: True or False?
Pod 2: TBA
Pod 3: TBA

Mondays, 1:00PM to 3:30PM
Ages: 12 to 16

Our Monday program for Older Home Learners focuses on the art of debate and beyond. Last term students chose to put together a podcast based on discussions about philosophical questions from the past. Using a round table format, each session used a previously chosen prompt as the basis for conversation, debate and discussion.

Fall term: September 14 to December 14 (12 sessions) - $387 + GST

Winter term: January 11 to March 8 (8 sessions) - $255 + GST

Spring term: April 12 to June 14 (9 sessions) - $290 + GST

We are able to bill home learning institutions directly.