Teen Home Learner Groups

Pod 1: Advocacy letters to those in power
Pod 2: Taming of the Shrew in Modern Times
Pod 3: Debating topical issues

Mondays, 1:00PM to 3:30PM
Ages: 12 to 18


Our Monday program for Older Home Learners focuses on the art of debate and beyond. We’ll use these classes to explore the skills that youth need to be socially conscious citizens in today’s world. Through carefully selected works, we’ll use each term to informally debate, as well as taking decisive action through written work and artwork, to affect change in both our local and global communities. We work with students to promote the value of collaboration and provide a safe forum where even the quietest voices are heard loud and clear.

Fall term: September 13 to December 6 (12 sessions) - $408 + GST

Please note: no class on October 11

Winter term: January 10 to March 7 (8 sessions) - $272 + GST

Please note: no class on February 21

Spring term: April 4 to June 13 (9 sessions) - $306 + GST

Please note: no class on April 18 and May 23

We are able to bill home learning institutions directly.