Shoot, Draw & Paint

AGES: 9 TO 12

Shoot, Draw & Paint


1:30 PM TO 4:30 PM

This camp is one to entice, excite and inspire a sharp eye. Each afternoon we’ll head outside armed with cameras to capture the objects that we often pass by. Campers will search for faces or figures in inanimate objects. The knots on your neighbourhood oak tree can act as the eyes in a menacing apparition, or the headlights on your parent’s car frame the squat face of a character that comes to life when you’re not looking. 

We’ll take original photos, turn them on their heads, and reimagine them as works of art. After choosing our favourites, campers will mount them on canvas, hand-painting details to accentuate the features of a face or figure you’ve never seen before. 

This hybrid art medium is exceptionally effective and with all its carefully curated embellishments will hold its own in any gallery.

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