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Destination: Wigan


Shaun the Sheep (Wallace and Gromit)

9:00 AM TO 4:30 PM
AGES 5 TO 13

At the Lyceum, we privilege all forms of literacy and stop motion animation is one of our favourites. It may be a lesser known children’s classic, but Wallace and Gromit is no less culturally significant. A groundbreaking stop motion animation series consisting of four short films (three of which are Academy Award winners) and one feature length movie, animator Nick Park puts forth nothing short of a masterpiece. We’ll be using a key character as the inspiration for our own Shaun the Sheep sculptures, crafting miniature faces and feet and adorning with snow-white ringlets of felted wool. Students will be encouraged to watch the original shorts at points throughout the day to see how labour intensive, yet captivating, shooting something frame by frame is. If you’ve watched this daring duo before, you’ll know that Wallace has a penchant for Wensleydale cheese, so we’ll be making sure there are snacks as delectable as this on offer over the course of the day.

 The Series

shaun the sheep.jpg

Shaun the Sheep thinks and acts like a person in a barnyard, which usually gets him into trouble. The farmer's sheepdog, Bitzer, tries to keep Shaun and his friends out of trouble. The farmer is oblivious to the humanlike features of his flock, who are like one big, happy family.

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