Reuse & Garden With Preschoolers



Reuse & Garden With Preschoolers

JULY 19 TO 23

9:00 AM TO 12:00 PM

Never has it been more important to nurture the world around us. Since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic we’ve seen pollution plummet, ocean life thrive and greenhouse gases evaporate, but why stop now?! 

During this camp we’ll instill the importance of environmental stewardship into your preschoolers, exploring some of the most creative stories from Christianne’s favourite authors. Campers will learn about the flora and fauna in their own communities while working to craft a fence mounted planter, either to adorn the slats of their own backyard or to give as a gift to someone they love. We’ll repurpose plastic bottles as the planters themselves and string them together with rope that’ll weather even the toughest of storms. Not forgetting our indoor spaces, each camper will be given the opportunity to envision and bring to life their own mini sedum gardens. Bringing the green inside is proven to improve our air quality and our mental health. Make sure your preschooler garners green fingers from an early age.

The books...