Patterns, Patterns Everywhere

AGES: 3 TO 5

Patterns, Patterns Everywhere


9:00 AM TO 12:00 PM

They’re everywhere we look...patterns in the cracks in our sidewalks, the flowers we pass in front yards on our way to school, the cladding of our favourite neighbourhood dwelling; the list goes on and on. This camp is all about using the patterns we see everyday as inspiration for our own artistic creations. Those of you who are familiar with the Lyceum will know about our bottomless toy chest. Christianne will use some of her favourite games to teach the group how to confidently identify patterns. SET, Blink, Q-bitz and Dominos are games with patterns at their core and learning them at such a young age will provide a solid foundation for the future. Christianne will read stories from her extensive Patricia Polacco collection so preschoolers can take inspiration from this gifted illustrator’s rich use of pattern. We’ll use watercolour aquarelles and felt pens to create our own pattern sequences, before rounding out the week with our very own mosaic coasters. 

The art fanatics among you will want to hold on to these, as their value is only to increase. 

The books...


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