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Lotus Lanterns & Peacemakers

Preteen & Teen • Ages 10+

August 14 to 18 (five evenings) 

6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

$290 + GST

There is something almost meditative about the act of creating something with your hands. You become connected to the physicality of what is in front of you, focusing your attention on the here and now - sounds like just what the doctor ordered. 


This is a class where we’ll take the time to slow down, centre ourselves and channel our vision into lotus lantern making. Each student will practice delicate folding techniques in order to bring forth bountiful blooms that will be just big enough to nestle a tea light in.  

As a symbol of peace, Christianne will strengthen this connection by guiding the group in a deep dive through world peacemakers and the initiatives they put in place to improve the core of humanity. We’ll look at acts of peace around the world, through stories such as The Christmas Truce and The Angel of Burgen-Belson, and discuss the impact they have had around the world. On the final day we’ll take our lanterns down to Jericho and float them on the water sending our intentions out into the universe.

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