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January 15, 2022

SPLASH! A Mysterious Thing lands in Rabbit and Bear's peaceful summer lake.
Is it exciting, or terrifying? Is it a tiny fluffy owl, or a huge hungry monster? And has Rabbit finally met a creature with worse habits than himself?

teeny houdini.jpg
February 12, 2022

Bessie Lee might be the teeniest in her first-grade class, but with the tap-tap-tap of her wand, some glitter, and a little magic . . . she’s going to dazzle the crowds to win the school talent show.

But when a trick goes disastrously wrong, Rufus, the class hamster, disappears!

Can Bessie find a way to bring him back in time? Or is Rufus truly gone forever?

wood could.png
March 12, 2022

An imaginative girl in the forest knows that the piece of wood she finds could be a unicorn or a ship or a ladder. But Wood would rather be sleeping like a log. Despite all the girl’s attempts to get him to play with her and her beloved stuffed bunny, Prince Fluffybutt, Wood refuses to branch out. But when the girl really gets in trouble, Wood has to look deep within himself to see if it’s possible to turn over a new leaf.

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princess cora.jpg
April 9, 2022

Princess Cora is sick of boring lessons. She's sick of running in circles around the dungeon gym. She's sick, sick, sick of taking three baths a day. And her parents won't let her have a dog. But when she writes to her fairy godmoher for help, she doesn't expect help to come in the form of a crocodile, a crocodile who doesn't behave properly.  

April 30, 2022

Megabat was just napping on a papaya one day when he was stuffed in a box and shipped halfway across the world. Now he’s living in an old house far from home, feeling sorry for himself and accidentally scaring the people who live there.

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