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Junk Kouture

Elementary • Ages 6 to 12 

July 10 to 14 (five afternoons) 

1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

$290 + GST

Taking inspiration from Junk Kouture, a television fashion competition that has run in Ireland since 2010, we’ll use this class to reinforce the importance of contributing to the circular economy. It was started as a creative way for students to become involved in active climate change initiatives, “empowering them to lasting behavioural change”. We’ll examine designs that have won in the past, using them as inspiration for our own creations. 

Weaving together the concepts of renewal and revival, we’ll also examine the Zero Point art exhibition that uses Istanbul airport’s waste materials to create portraits with exceptional depth.


As a group, we’ll spend the first couple of days sourcing materials (though you’re welcome to bring in your own from home), working to upcycle and upscale our castaway materials. 

The group will dictate which direction we go in, but both graphic art and fashion options will be available to explore. Of course Christianne will enrich our crafting practices with specially selected books, all based around the importance of sustainable practices. This class is both timely and culturally significant, and we think, one not to be missed.

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