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Junk Kouture in the Sunshine

Primary/Intermediate • Ages 5 to 9 

August 6 to 9 (4 afternoons) 

1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

$240 + GST

It’s safe to say that the reuse, reduce, recycle movement is now truly well-established in Vancouver; people are seeing the value in giving furniture, decor and clothing a new lease of life. We’ll use this class to reinforce the importance of contributing to the circular economy, highlighting how it was started as a creative way for students to become involved in active climate change initiatives, “empowering them to lasting behavioural change”.


Building on the success of our previous “junk kouture” camps, we want to add in a seasonal twist and elevate sustainability in a way your camper may not have experienced before. We’ll spend the first part of the week collecting and collaborating; we’ll look for treasures in local thrift stores in addition to encouraging you to bring in anything from home that you think can be revived. Christianne will enrich our crafting practices with specially selected books, all based around the importance of sustainable practices. Students will be encouraged to approach their creations taking into consideration the season that we’re in. We’re looking forward to summer wear with an eye for keeping things cool; think airy fabrics, loose fits and lightweight, found accessories. 


The week will culminate in a fashion show, allowing those who would like to participate, the opportunity to showcase their designs before they inevitably hit the runway or pages of Vogue in the future.

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