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Journaling Through the Neighbourhood



Journaling Through the Neighbourhood

JULY 25 TO 29

$275 + GST

1:30 PM TO 4:30 PM

We are all craving connection after the tumult of the past few years, and this week provides the perfect antidote. We’ll select local business owners who have fought their way through a pandemic of epic proportions, coming out the other side stronger than ever. Reviving this Lyceum classic, we’ll spend the first afternoon together plotting out the most insightful questions to ask, before gathering the answers like treasure and collating them in our very own compendiums. The art of interviewing is a complex one, and Christianne will guide students through the most efficient ways to note-take, making sure they capture the true meaning behind the words. After each interview, our super speedy typists will transcribe the exchange, making sure that it’s ready for you to put into individual journals, along with commemorating our time together through pictures. Think of this as modern day scrapbooking meets a crash course in journalism, and we assure you that everyone’s invited. 

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