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It's Windy in the Willows



It's Windy in the Willows

JULY 11 TO 15

$275 + GST

1:30 PM TO 4:30 PM

Just over 110 years old, Wind in the Willows is a tale that has survived generations. Originating as a bedtime story told by Grahame to his grandson, the alternatingly slow-paced and fast moving adventures follow four larger than life anthropomorphised characters; Mole, Rat, Toad and Badger. We’ll turn things tranquil this week, felting our favourite characters from both raw and dyed wools. Repurposing incredible fabrics that have been collected over the years, students will learn the skill of sewing as they tailor miniature coats, pants and bowler hats fit for any occasion. Christianne will also teach the group how to whittle a driftwood “Ratty boat.” Just in case there are floods afoot, we want to make sure your furry friends have an escape route. To give your furry friends sustenance, a little picnic basket will nestle in our river-bound boat, full to the brim with delicious Sculpey accoutrements. In signing up for this summer program, you are contributing to a literary legacy…not too shabby for a week’s work. 

The books...

wind in the willows
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