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Home Learners Tuesday Pods

Our workshops for home learners give youth the opportunity to use great works of literature and challenging ideas as inspiration for their own in depth art projects. Our small class sizes and commitment to co-constructing curriculum with our students mean that, no matter what your children’s interests or abilities, the Lyceum is a safe and encouraging environment for them to explore their own creativity.


Fall Term

Investigation #1
Traces of Our Learning in the Community

Tuesdays 10:00AM to 3:00PM

Ages: 5 to 14

September 12 to October 17 (6 sessions)

Cost: $456 + GST

We’ll settle into fall, with its soothing sounds and calming colours, by exploring our connection not just to the community we now find ourselves in, but to the one that nurtured us for over a decade. As a group, we’ll follow from concept to creation, a new art installation somewhere special in our new neighbourhood. Consulting our local business association, we’ll make sure that this piece finds its home in a place that’s truly impactful. 

Not forgetting a central pillar of the Lyceum’s philosophy, Christianne will talk through the importance of social responsibility -- if we make the effort to put forth something into the world, then we must commit to the upkeep of its excellence. 

This will lead us to look at what we have already created, including art installations at Banyen Books & Sound and Simon’s No Frills, and what aspects are in need of restoration and repair. 

Christianne will of course ground these tactile learnings in literary ones, guiding students through chosen works and encouraging them to have discussions in a non-judgmental, inclusive environment. 

Investigation #2: The Art of Weaving: Creating with Our Hands

Tuesdays 10:00AM to 3:00PM

Ages: 5 to 14

October 31 to December 5 (6 sessions)

Cost: $471 + GST

It is believed that the art of weaving has been around since ~3400 B.C., so any question of endurance has already been laid to rest. Textiles can survive in extraordinary conditions, and now more than ever, as a society, we are searching for things that possess more permanence.


We’ll use the first term of a new calendar year to teach students about the importance of dexterity. Using raw wool and handmade looms, Christianne will connect us with this rich tradition and starting from the very beginning, guide students comprehensively through their new practice. We’ll weave while we read The Secret Under My Skin by Janet McNaughton, a novel that underscores the importance of survival knowledge, as those who work with their hands ultimately rise to the top as the community deals with a technocast. Those who work with their head in the clouds struggle to surface.


As always, our Home Learning pods are guided by the group; autonomy is given to each learner as they are empowered to steer discussions in a direction meaningful to them, asking questions of their classmates as they dive deeper into their own theory building. 

Winter Term

Investigation #3: Neighbourhood Libraries: Sharing Our Passion

Tuesdays 10:00AM to 3:00PM

Ages: 5 to 14 

January 9 to February 6 (5 sessions)

Cost: $395 + GST

There are few things more pure than sharing a love of literature with those around you. Whether it’s friends, family, students or strangers, witnessing someone else’s joy at diving into a new story, getting to know the characters, and experiencing their journey, is unlike anything else. During this pod, we want to put a creative spin on the beloved Little Free Library movement in Vancouver, by designing, building and outfitting our own.


Each one will be personalized to match the passions of the individual learner; think foundation posts made of hockey sticks, or small bird figurines standing guard for the avid twitcher. These small structures will say something about tastes that inevitably evolve as the library is used by people passing through with something to share.


To populate them, we’ll brainstorm as a group and reach across networks, visiting those we know to be the collectors of great stories. Space permitting, students are welcome to plant their structures outside their own homes, or select another special place close by. 

Investigation #4:  Biographies and Self Portraits

Tuesdays 10:00AM to 3:00PM

Ages: 5 to 14

February 13 to March 12 (5 sessions)

Cost: $395 + GST

There are so many layers to every person’s story that we can never truly understand the individual apart from their community. There is a  richness, however, that lies in listening to the intricate details of pit stops in the journey, following the heartbreaks and the hindrances that make someone whole. 


During this term we’ll engage with biographies of interesting individuals, with the selection being driven by both Christianne and the students themselves.  


Working in harmony with the stories we choose to explore, we’ll look at the techniques of portraiture as we craft our own. Emphasis will be placed on playing with colour and texture, making each feature unique to the person they’re depicting. After allowing students as much creative license as they’d like, we will photograph each portrait and collect them as a compilation of miniature gift labels. Originals will be kept by the artists.


Sets of 12 will be sold and the proceeds used to contribute to the Lyceum scholarship fund; involving students in the act of becoming philanthropists.

Spring Term

Investigation #5: Junk Kouture Meets Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night with a twist

Tuesdays 10:00AM to 3:00PM

Ages: 5 to 14 

April 2 to May 7 (6 sessions)

Cost: $ 456+ GST

Being an active participant in the fight against climate change is a crusade that can often seem daunting. Here at the Lyceum, we’d like to think that anyone, no matter their age, can contribute to changing the narrative. 


We’ll use these 6 weeks of investigation to really investigate and rethink the part we play in a disposable society. How can we repurpose, reuse and donate our own collective materials? 

Building on the success of previous iterations, we have decided to revisit and re-explore the part that rethinking and upcycling play in slowing climate change.  


The celebration of costume is centuries old, and we’ll be using these origins as inspiration for couture with a Shakespearean twist. We’ll incorporate a trip to the consignment store for the base to their fashion creation, before Christianne guides the group through a Twelfth Night ensemble. 


To honour the journey from start to finish, we’ll dedicate the final class to acting out a scene of one of Shakepseare’s most famous comedies. We have no doubt that you’ll be blown away by the impact of these truly original costume pieces.

Investigation #6: Currents, tides and storms

Tuesdays 10:00AM to 3:00PM

Ages: 5 to 14

May 14 to June 18 (6 sessions)

Cost: $ 495 + GST

The world around us is constantly changing; shifting imperceptibly as things breathe, grow and settle in. No matter where we come from, or where we go, it is almost impossible not to come into contact with our vast and majestic oceans. 


We’ll spend our last term together looking at different types of coastal erosion, thinking about the ways in which we can combat/stall it and asking ourselves, “is it actually reversible?” Keeping up with our yearly tradition, this final term together will include a day trip to Saturna Island. To ground us in the local area, we’ll think about the many different ways in which sea creatures and plants have evolved here. This will begin with learning about forage fish as the baseline of our ecosystem; what enables them to thrive, and perhaps the ways in which we can help maintain their numbers. 


We will then direct our focus more specifically towards Winter Cove on Saturna Island and the erosion it has sustained in recent years; using our observations as a springboard to dive deeper into the patterns we see in front of us.  


Christianne will also be sure to dedicate a class to Loree Griffin Burns’s influential Tracking Trash: Flotsam, Jetsam, and the Science of Ocean Motion. Using this well developed exploration, the group will deep dive into the notion of soft shoring, hard shoring, beachcombing and how island communities deal with protecting their properties and their community in an ecologically friendly way. 

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