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Helping the Faeries



Helping the Faeries

JULY 18 TO 22

$275 + GST

9:00 AM TO 12:00 PM

There are few things more steeped in history than the Lyceum’s faerie folklore. As the sun begins to warm our neighbourhood, Fae activity will be at an all time high. Of course we’ll dedicate a portion of each morning to catching up on the comings and goings of the past year, and it is our steadfast guarantee that your child will be utterly spellbound. With all this excitement  in the air, the chance of being sighted by humans is a true and real danger, even for the most experienced shape-shifters. Still, what’s a faerie to do when she sees a gorgeous blossom, and there’s no place to change; birds, bugs and humans all have their eyes on these ethereal creatures. Students will spend their afternoons using driftwood pieces and a hoard of bedazzling treasures to create a variety of ‘modesty screens’ to help the Fae hide from human gaze. These safe little havens will take many forms: some can be installed on bedroom window sills, some can be hung in garden trees and others can be placed in ‘faerie lover’ miniature gardens.  This program can be paired perfectly with our Gnome Homeopathy for a full day option.

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