Harry Potter Mosaic

AGES: 12 TO 18
Harry Potter - 113.jpg

Harry Potter Mosaic


6:00 PM TO 9:00 PM

The Lyceum summer schedule would not be complete without mosaic-tiling in one form or another. This year we’re doing it with a magical twist. Campers will be given the opportunity to design, tile and grout either a garden paver or a trivet with a favourite character, symbol or scene from a Harry Potter book of their choice. 

After a rundown of the basics from Christianne, the group will be able to hand-select a broad spectrum of tiles from our expansive stash. 

We’ll listen to sections of the Harry Potter audiobooks (wonderfully narrated by Stephen Fry) as we work away, gaining the skills you need to become an expert tiler. Having this in your crafting arsenal is an incredible achievement, so you’ll want to make sure your finished piece is at the centre of every family meal moving forward, or at the entrance to your garden.  

The books...