Harry Potter Attends Hogwarts


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Harry Potter Attends Hogwarts

JULY 26 TO 30

9:00 AM TO 4:30 PM

To celebrate the summer season we are covering the Hogwarts curriculum in its entirety. Across five days of this camp we’ll explore everything from herbology to ancient runes, devoting a day to everyone’s favourite: potions. As a cohort, Christianne will lead campers through the compendium of charms and spells that every witch or wizard needs to know (even those wishing to practice the dark arts). 

Of course we’ll host our quarterly Quidditch match at the end of the week, without forgetting that you’ll also need something on which to fly across the pitch. Knuts, sickles and galleons will be awarded for acts of wizarding bravery and human compassion -- children can spend them during the opening of Honeydukes on Friday or they can invest, watching their interest grow and spend their cash at Ron Weasley’s joke shop on August 6. We try not to make promises we can’t fulfill, but with this one we are absolutely certain. Your child will be returned to you tuckered out and truly spellbound. 

We all know that this camp sells itself, but we like to remember that one woman in a small Edinburgh coffee shop created a world that will captivate generations for eternity. Truly remarkable! 

*This camp can be taken in concert with our Class Is In Session (August 3 to 6) for a comprehensive collection of Hogwarts classes.

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