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Gnome Homeopathy



Gnome Homeopathy

JULY 18 TO 22

$275 + GST

1:30 PM TO 4:30 PM

Typically residing in forest knolls, the gnome population is a mysterious one. Recognizable by their small, but mighty stature, their fierce protection of one another is never to be underestimated. The famed Lyceum gnome, Minty, has twins who are coming of age and the Grand Motherin’ Gnome (400+ yrs) has once again taken up residence in the Lyceum garden to pass on her homeopathic remedies to the twins so that they too can help forest creatures and faerie clans. We’ll spend a day making herb infused sugar pills (including elderberry and vitamin c rich offerings), before working on a pharmaceutical grade structure to house them. As a group Christianne will guide us in construction best practices, and we’ll be conscious to use natural materials in our efforts to make it as tantalizing as possible for our fantastical friends. After designs are approved, a smorgasbord of art supplies will be laid out for all to use; options only limited by your child’s imagination. Taking a holistic view of the gnome world will only serve to strengthen your child's expertise with natural remedies for simple ailments. This offering can also be paired with our Helping the Faeries program for a full day option. 

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