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Destination: Russia

This is one of our featured programs! Click to open a collection of related activities and articles, perfect to fill your days until we venture to Russia together. 

Gennady Spirin - Fairy Tales.png

Gennady Spirin's Fairytales

9:00 AM TO 4:30 PM
AGES 5 TO 13

For those of you who have yet to become enchanted by Gennady Spirin’s regal realms and illustrious illustrations, the timing has never been more perfect. Spirin draws on traditional Russian folk tales from his childhood as inspiration and we can almost guarantee that your child will be requesting these stories for years to come. Christianne will explore some of her favourite Gennady Spirin titles with the group, including The Firebird, Boots & The Glass Mountain, The Sea King’s Daughter and The Frog Princess, and eyes will widen with wonder at the turn of each ornate page. After lunch we’ll create a series of three miniature watercolours based on Spirin’s stories and then adorn them in gold foil accents before home time. 

Young learners will bring back pieces that beg to be framed and mounted for all to see.

 The Books

sea kings daughter.jpg

Long ago in the city of Novgorod there lived a poor musician named Sadko, whose fortunes change when he is called to play at the Sea King's sumptuous undersea palace. Adventure, romance--and a heartbreaking decision--await the musician when he encounters the Sea King's beautiful daughter, Volkhova.

The Artist


Forced to marry an ugly frog, the youngest son of the Tsar is astounded to learn that the frog is really the beautiful princess Vasilisa the Wise.

Fire Bird.jpg

In all the world there is said to be nothing more beautiful than the Firebird. When Ivan-Tsarevitch, youngest son of the Tsar, goes on a quest for the amazing bird, he finds himself flying over mountains and woods on a talking wolf, confronting a wicked Baba Yaga, and rescuing an enchanted princess from Koshchei the Immortal. But when he returns from his magical journey, he brings home the most precious treasure of all.

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