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SC1 Ivy Found Poem.png

Found Poetry & Collage

Preteen & Teen • Ages 10+

July 31 to August 4 (five evenings)

6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

$290 + GST

There is something incredibly soothing about the tactility of cutting, sticking, overlapping, bridging gaps and layering up to create collage treasures. Students will get into the zone with collage and then craft seminal lines to be proud of for years to come. These will form part of the artistic creation they’ll take home. While we forage for inspiration in newspapers and magazines, Christianne will guide the group through in depth discussions on what makes a string of words poetic. Over the  week, we’ll explore lesser known collections of poetry to give us a strong foundation on which to build our own work. 


Some evenings we’ll take ourselves in a different direction, focusing on favourite music lyrics, pasting them onto either a painted or collaged canvas background. We’ll employ delicate brush strokes to string the pieces together and create an image that evokes all the sentiment that lies behind our most treasured words.

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