Forest Stories With Forest Creatures



Forest Stories Forest Creatures


9:00 AM TO 12:00 PM

For this camp we abandon all things logical and embrace our sense of frivolous folly. Each day Christianne will draw on her extensive library, honing in on forest fairy tales: Babushka Baba Yaga, The Red Wolf and Dear as Salt to name but a few. We’ll read two tales at a time and listen while we felt miniature forest creatures to line a windowsill of your choice. Christianne will make sure to set aside one day for tree making, because after all what’s a fairy tale forest scene without places for your inhabitants to lurk?

There are very few camps that require participants to bring equipment, but for this one we ask for pails full of patience. If you are in need of something to soothe the soul and focus the mind, the process of felting is one not to be overlooked.

The books...

Baba Yaga is a witch famous throughout Russia for eating children, but this Babushka Baba Yaga is a lonely old woman who just wants a grandchild to love.

"Kids will respond to the joyful story of the outsider who gets to join in, and Polacco's richly patterned paintings of Russian peasant life on the edge of the woods are full of light and color.

Roselupin has had quite enough of being locked away in her tower room. Her father the king thinks he needs to protect her from the wild and dangerous world outside, but Roselupin knows better. So when she receives a mysterious gift on her seventh birthday, Roselupin uses it as her ticket out of the tower and into the woods, where she howls and dances all day long—and surprises the kingdom folk right out of their socks. Twice.