Faerie Potion Shop

AGES: 5 TO 9

Faerie Potion Shop


1:30 PM TO 4:30 PM

The faerie philanthropists among us will know just how important tonics and tinctures are to their kind. There is a cordial for everything, from broken wings to afflictions of the mind and we have tasked our campers to come up with the most creative solutions they can to treat these maladies. 

Christianne will dive into the various compendiums for faerie, gnome and sprite medicine. Keeping our minds rooted in the magical, we’ll go foraging for ingredients to go into our own elixirs. Using the most miniscule of bottles, campers will stack the shelves of hand crafted emporiums, bringing home an Aladdin's cave of creative cures. 

Whether you are worried about the welfare of Lyceum fae or concerned with your own backyard clan, ensure that you are fully prepared for the ailments that might present themselves. Gleaming with oysters shells, protecting pearls that will grow into globes, and seeds to help with digestion, these mini shops will cover all bases from health promotion to ointments that would find themselves at home in even the most luxurious spa. 

Our holistic library will be full to the brim with all things organic, not forgetting mini grassroots and healthcare ideas both for their folk and human friends. 

The books...


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