Hanging Faerie Abodes



Hanging Faerie Abodes

JULY 19 TO 23

1:30 PM TO 4:30 PM

At the Lyceum the intricacies of the Faerie world can never be underestimated. Spanning decades, Christianne’s expert knowledge of the Fae draws campers from far and wide every summer. This magical community has not been immune to the challenges of a global pandemic -- Tomatilly, Melinda and Hislop have been forced underground to protect the future of their species and what better way to coax them out than with hanging wooden Faerie-scapes. Campers will be given bark from trees felled on Saturna Island to act as a stable base for welcoming home the Fae. They’ll also create beautifully felted mannequins to dress in garments made from dried and/or silk flowers. With each carefully curated fashion piece comes the hope that a new wardrobe may just be the pull we need to bring the faerie garden back to its former glory. 

With this hanging cornucopia you don’t ever have to worry about other creatures stealing treats from your Faerie’s bounty.

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