Digging for (Prehistoric) Diamonds

AGES: 3 TO 5

Digging for (Prehistoric) Diamonds


9:00 AM TO 12:00 PM

Much like our Insects in the City camp, the prehistoric era is a firm favourite and a Lyceum staple each and every summer. We’ll raise the excitement level by taking your paleontologists-in-training on their very first dig. Armed with spade, brush and bucket, campers will delve deep into the woods to see what treasure they can uncover. Christianne will draw from her extensive collection of dinosaur literature to see how different authors have created captivating stories and mesmerizing illustrations about these Triassic dwellers. Instead of treating our finds as purely ornamental, we’ll help campers to turn their bones into something functional. Knuckle joints become beautifully painted pen holders, vertebra transform themselves into eye catching pieces of jewelry. Using gold and silver to adorn our creations, you’ll be absolutely gobsmacked to see what your preschoolers have the scope to imagine. 

A passion for dinosaurs is not mandatory...but it certainly helps. 

The books...


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