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Destination: Migrating

Father Goose & The Prince of Butterflies

9:00 AM TO 4:30 PM
AGES 5 TO 13
$135 + GST

We’re taking the chance to introduce your youth to two lesser known tales, and we’re sure they’ll be carrying both with them through the next generation and beyond.

Starting with the true story of Father Goose, we’ll take the group on a heartwarming journey following William Lishman as he adopts a gaggle of geese, teaching them how to fly with the ingenious aid of an ultralight glider. Christianne will then use the threads of togetherness and compassion weaving them into another of her favourite works. As the importance of the ‘pack’ can never be underestimated in nature, sometimes all we need is a little push in the right direction. In The Prince of Butterflies, Coville explores these themes through the complex and mesmerizing beauty of the monarch butterfly. Students will use their learnings to paint intricate 12 piece infinity puzzles (cut by Ben Hayward, Christianne’s nephew) reminiscent of the mind boggling markings that nature has birthed. What a way to immortalize their time with us. 

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 The Books

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