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Destination: Maine

Ellyse's Spiderwick Chronicles

9:00 AM TO 4:30 PM
AGES 5 TO 13
$135 + GST

This year our lucky silent auction winner, Ellyse, knew instantaneously what her Spring Break Camp day was going to look like. She imagined the scene of children huddled in a cushion circle, enraptured by passages from The Spiderwick Chronicles


Though these books feel like they’ve been lost in time, we’ll make sure to isolate each child's favourite part of the adventure and immortalize it in print with a font that reflects each individual style. We’ll adhere these excerpts onto wooden backings before setting to work on our watercolour sprite figures, hanging them ever so delicately in beautifully built shadow boxes. Of course faerie morsels of sweetness will be served with tiny pots of herbal tea. We hope this sufficiently captures Ellyse’s vision, but if you’re part of the class, do feel free to ask the creator herself why the world of Spiderwick tickled her fancy.

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 The Book

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