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Destination: The Lyceum's Laneway Garden

Bringing the Fae Home

FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2023
9:00 AM TO 4:30 PM
AGES 5 TO 13
$135 + GST

Very few things in life are without imitation (which, of course, they say is the highest form of flattery). Here at the Lyceum however, we think we’ve stumbled upon one of the most unique secrets in the whole of Metro Vancouver; a clan of faeries that defy the faerie queen, by exchanging stories of their lives through tiny notes. Devotees will know that our resident Faerie population was all ‘a flutter’ at news of the impending move from Alma to our new location - this diverse group of fae clans have used the garden for over 14 years.


Luckily one of our long-time learners crafted tiny curated maps and 25 miniature moonlights (one for each new block west) to light the way, and make sure no sprite, gnome, gargoyle, or faerie was left behind. A symbol of just how far care and compassion can truly reach. A new garden for the fae will act as one of the entrances to the Lyceum and we are confident that in time it will be every bit as special and intricate as the last one.

Over the course of the day, Christianne will read from her rich collection of Faerie lore, while students create tiny faerie abodes to take home, helping expand rest stops for the fae throughout the lower mainland.

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