Hogwarts Class is in Session



Hogwarts Class is in Session


1:00 PM TO 4:30 PM

This year we have decided on a second foray into the fantastical world of wizardry at Hogwarts. The first day of this camp will give students a chance to learn the trade of transfiguration; we’ll split into teams and each will have a list of items to mould and shape from Sculpey clay while teammates guess what they are before ticking them off. In a parallel to pictionary, once the list has been completed campers will get to choose a favourite object to make permanent by baking it in the oven. 

Next class, Christianne will lead the group in care of magical creatures. Using playing cards as their base, each student will craft a deck with as many creatures as they can compile. The reverse of each card will detail strengths, weaknesses, attributes, and how to look after a Griffin should you ever happen to come across one. To cap off our week of wonder, we’ll visit the teachings of Madame Trelawney, using delicate ceramic paints to decorate the bottom of a teacup with the Grim (or another less fatal spectre). We’ll send home baking instructions so that your creations will be sip proof for centuries. Ron Weasley’s joke shop will be opened on Friday.

*This camp can be taken in concert with our Harry Potter camp (July 26 to 30) for a comprehensive collection of Hogwarts classes.

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